Hackpact / Sonification Studies


A one month experimentation with sound, algorithms, visual music and unconventional sequencers. These sketches are results of a daily coding practice, called 'Hackpact'. Hackpact itself originates from live coding activity of musicians, but in recent years it has been extended into different directions such as Codevember for frontend developers or 100 days of code for a broader area of developers. You can find several precoursors in art history, specifically in the fields of instruction based and algorithmic art.

Aesthetic constrains

- sound should affect the graphics and/or vice versa
- more problem framing, less problem solving

Technological constrains

- code is open source & reusable

Learning Goals

- escape the comfort zone: think in space (3d) instead of a 2d canvas
- webgl with p5js or threejs
- web based sound synthesis with tonejs
- modern javascript with modules, ES6, webpack


- Fredrik Olofsson and Click Nilson, Gabor Papp, Alex McLean, Kassen Oud, Daniel Jones
- Zach Liebermann's daily sketches, REALITAT, XORXOR, Scott Hewitt and others
- Live Coding, Nature of Code, Fluxus & Fluxus

© Agoston Nagy, 2018